Forklift Scales

Western manufactures forklift scales that serve several industries and handling systems.
A forklift scale can save time and money by turning weighing into a one-step operation. Because the scale is built into the forklift truck’s carriage, you get an accurate weight reading simply by lifting a pallet. 
It eliminates the need to move pallets onto a platform scale, weigh them, and then remove the pallets afterward. The forklift driver can control all weighing operations from a scale terminal mounted in the cab. 
Communication between the scale and terminal is completely wireless, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
Our scale carriage features two metal plates coupled together by application-designed weight sensors. This design has no flexures, hydraulics or springs that can affect weighing while the mast is tilted. 
These sensors electronically measure the load on the forks and convey this information to an embedded indicator. The entire carriage assembly is primed and finished with high grade powder paint.
The scale is attached to the existing forklift carriage and uses the forklift’s stock forks. If needed, the scale and instrument system can be moved to another truck in minutes. 
It determines the load weight by directly sensing the weight of the load supported by the forks. The load weight is converted to a digital signal and is numerically displayed at the indicator. Accuracy & precision are excellent, regardless of the operation and condition of the forklift scale.